Philip Choban for GEAB - AI & the new economic frontier in telemedicine


Article source: Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin by LEAP no 182, 15 February 2024


Philip Choban, interview for GEAB

In the most recent edition of Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, Philip Choban shares his perspectives on the future of healthcare and the role of Artificial Intelligence in telemedicine.
He talks about his personal experience and the life challenges that shaped the whole journey and made what today is Telios Care.

                           Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, no 182, 15 February 2024

”Basically, we took what has worked in the West for the past 30 years and we adapted it to the market here.

I think that the world is heading towards a totally connected system of all the health care. From Asia, to Europe, to the United States, where you can learn about anything that’s not only happening here but also in China, in the UK, etc.

What I would want for the future is more health clinics coming on board and using a database that we can share back and forth to make every patient’s journey easier. We have strived for a system that makes your journey with us as simple and as easy and as quick as possible.

We’re living in some exciting times, we’re reaching goals that mankind never even thought that they could reach so exciting future for the young generation is in sight. I’ve been through a lot of experiences in life, but this is by far the best experience that I’ve ever been through, because I continually learn and I can’t say that about my past.”, says Philip for Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin.

Through his experiences, Philip consistently confronts and navigates the intricate challenges that arise daily. This requires a profound exploration, as the provided services need to be adapted to the dynamic healthcare landscape, taking into account the significant impact of technological advancements on overall well-being.

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