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Philip Choban, a journey through life

We are presenting you a brand new series of short videos with Philip Choban, the Founder & CEO of Telios Care. From the podcast Crossroads of Care - Conversation on Health & Tech.
Philip shares his experience and perspectives on business and entrepreneurship, and his personal life challenges that shaped the whole journey and made what today is Telios Care.

From teenage experiences, entrepreneurship background, business growth, personal and emotional story of losing the loved one and starting to realise there is a huge need of "something that actually helps and has a purpose".


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Tune into the entire story. Watch and get to know the person behind Telios Care.

#1: Unlocking Success Selling - Adapting to Different Cultures for Business Growth.

💬 ”He said if you can't sell it you don't have anything. And selling it`s adapting to the culture that you're going to be dealing with!"
Watch the #1 short here.

#2: Embrace the Future: Seizing Opportunities for Collective Growth.
💬 ”It's the future. It's coming. It's not coming only, it's here now! Exactly! It's here now. If we don't take advantage of these tools to help the people that we are working with now, then everybody loses."

Watch the #2 short here.

#3: Thoughts of a CEO: Ditching Ego for Collaborative Decision-Making. 
💬 ”Just because I'm the CEO doesn't mean that I don't listen to what everybody else is thinking and I never make a decision on my own 100%. Always bring everybody's thoughts, including my investors."
Watch the #3 short here.

#4: Revolutionising Healthcare: Balancing AI Innovation with Human Center Care.
💬 ”Machine learning, IoT are just tools. People have called us and said you're an IT company. I said no, we're a service company that uses IT in our product. There is such a fine line because actually both have to be developed."

Watch the #4 short here.

#5: Regretting My Mistake: Building a Vision While Not Keeping a Close Eye on the Team Too.
💬 ”Having the vision was good. Pushing it was good also, I feel good about that (...). I have a great team, but I didn't always communicate with them the way that I should have. I didn't always take their needs into my thoughts. Instead of thinking about …oh I have customer needs. The customer is number one, but the team is also number one!"
Watch the #5 short here.

#6: Losing My Loved One: The Heartbreaking Reality of Losing Their Essence.
💬 ”We went home and, I remember, we sat on the couch and we talked and she said:
- Look you're going to lose me. She said: I know I'm going to die, but you're going to lose me, who I am… Are you prepared for that?
- Good question, I said.
- Then who's going to take care of me? Are you going to give up all these years to take care of me? Because that's what it's going to take."
Watch the #6 short here.

#7: Unveiling the moment of 100% Change.
💬 ”She looked at me, smiled, she had tears in her eyes and she was gone... So that, that's what gave this aha moment a sense and all these years of saying - What am I doing? Can this be done? Can we make it through this? That was worth it!!!"
Watch the #7 short here.

#8: Incredible Transformation: Romania - Astonishing Development.
💬 ”So the system has developed quite a lot. In 33 years almost all of Romania has developed dramatically. Having been outside and having seen the systems in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore every place that I've been in my life, Romania has come a long way and is actually doing a super job!"

Watch the #8 short here.

#9: Unforgettable Bond: Rediscovering the Power of Father - Son Connection.
💬 ”It was a time that I really got to be close with my dad. Something that a lot of kids don't get to experience. He would wake me up at six o'clock in the morning (...). "Let's have breakfast!" Have breakfast, sit and talk… I had a chance to really get to know my dad. Then we would go do whatever we were going to do for that day."

Watch the #9 short here.

#10: Discover the Power of Telios Care: Making a Difference with Purpose.
💬 ”I feel it means that I'm giving something that actually helps and has a purpose." - Philip Choban, the Founder & CEO of Telios Care.

Watch the #10 short here.

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